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We do more than just match you with clients, we take care of promoting and advertising your practice.

Elevate Your Practice with Journey

Online Marketing

Increase your visibility through our established online channels and stand out in the crowd with an attractive practitioner profile.

Intuitive Algorithm

We match you with clients who share a genuine connection with you.

Complete Autonomy

You’re in control of your working schedule, what you charge and who you take on as a client. We do not take any commission.

All-in Monthly Price

Our all-inclusive monthly subscription price is $30. Try our platform for free for 3 months and only start paying once your trial period concludes.

No contracts and you can pause/cancel anytime.

Get Started in Three Simple Steps

Register and Build
Your Profile

Answer a few initial questions and we'll review and approve your registration within 24 hours. Once approved, we'll guide you through building and optimizing your profile.

We Promote You

We promote and advertise you on our social media platforms, attracting attention, visibility
and familiarity.

Connect With Clients

When your profile is complete, clients can be matched with you during their registration.


A Glimpse into Your Practitioner Profile

Connect with Clients Through Our Matching Algorithm

Experience authentic client relationships as our algorithm pairs you with individuals who resonate with your approach. Through an in-depth questionnaire, our system identifies ideal practitioners for clients, allowing them to glimpse your profile and access the full details with a single click.

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Harness the Power of Video

Your practitioner profile offers an all-encompassing look at you and your practice, complete with an introductory video that puts a friendly face to your name. As clients consider starting their journey, your profile becomes the bridge that enables them to initiate contact, allowing you to take it forward from there.

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Meet Our Practitioners

Dr. Lee-Anne Meleagrou-Hitchens
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What’s so great about Journey for me is that it’s pushed me to put a video of myself out there, on a platform that is so lovely, both visually and in the meaning behind it, and this is why it’s going to help so many practitioners who want the advertisement without any hassle
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Dr. Lee-Anne Meleagrou-HitchensPsychologistLondon, UK
Fareda Barlas
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I don’t know how you do it, but to have 3 referrals in the space of 2 months. Journey’s doing such a great job! I don’t know how you do it. I can see it becoming really big because it works!
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Fareda BarlasCouncelorLondon, UK
Julia Stadler
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I think it’s brilliant what Journey is doing here, because this is giving such a sense of the personality of the coach or therapist, and it can be really disappointing for clients to realize in their session that this connection isn’t working for them
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Julia StadlerPsychotherapist'London, UK

Our Social Media Reach

Our marketing team will work with you to attract attention, increase visibility and build familiarity through our established social media community


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Profile Visits


Follower Growth Per Month


Frequently Asked Questions

How does Journey work for practitioners?

Journey is an advertising platform for practitioners. It does not employ practitioners, hence no contract are signed and no commissions are taken from your work. Practitioners are asked to pay a monthly subscription to be featured on the website and advertised on Journey’s social media platforms. Their subscription plans can be paused and stopped whenever practitioners want.

As a practitioner, how do I decide whether to accept a client?

When a client matches with you and initiates contact, you’ll receive a message in your private inbox. The subsequent communication is between you and the client. The decision-making process for accepting a client is at your discretion. Some practitioners prefer an initial phone call, while others may schedule an assessment session. Additionally, some practitioners operate a waiting list, so depending on their availability and the urgency of the client's needs, there might be a waiting period before the client can be accepted.

What is the timeframe for scheduling an appointment once a client is referred to me?

The scheduling is flexible and depends on your availability. For example, if you’re booked for the next few weeks, you can inform the client and propose a date that suits your schedule. At Journey, we generally advise clients that practitioners will typically respond within 24 to 72 hours, but we do not provide them with advice on a specific timeframe for scheduling appointments as this varies depending on the practitioner's availability.

How can I inform clients if my schedule is fully booked?

If you’re unable to take new clients due to a full schedule, you can inform clients and offer to add them to a waiting list if they're willing. Additionally, Journey allows you to pause your profile when your calendar is full and reactivate it when you are ready to accept new clients.

Do clients make payments directly to me?

Yes, clients pay you directly. Journey does not intervene in the payment process and does not take any commission off your work. This keeps the financial transactions personal and straightforward between you and clients.

How does Journey ensure the quality of practitioners on the platform?

Journey is committed to maintaining a high standard of quality among the practitioners on our platform. All practitioners are required to meet certain qualifications and are vetted before being listed.

As a practitioner, how can I join Journey?

Practitioners interested in joining Journey can start by visiting our website and completing the practitioner sign-up form. Our team will review your application, and once approved, you’ll be able to create your profile and start connecting with clients.

Do I conduct therapy on the platform and if yes, how?

Journey primarily serves as an advertising platform to facilitate the matching process between clients and practitioners. The actual sessions are not conducted through Journey. Note that Journey does not handle session bookings and does not take any commission; you’ll need to arrange this directly with your client.