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Personal Growth

What is it?

Personal growth, also called self-growth or self-actualisation, refers to the process of personal development, which enables you to reach your true potential. It includes improving your skills, knowledge, behavior, habits and overall sense of self. Personal growth means asking yourself who you want to be or become and then establishing a plan to help you get there. 

Personal growth is important if you want to:

  • Have strong, healthy and loving relationships with yourself and others

  • Enhance your resilience

  • Improve your career satisfaction

  • Secure long-term financial success and security

  • Increase your motivation and productivity

  • Connect with your spirituality

  • Enhance your sense of fulfilment and satisfaction with your life

  • Improve your physical health and mental wellbeing

Examples of therapies for Personal Growth

Personal growth can be approached differently by the different schools of therapy. 

  • Cognitive and behavioral approaches will focus on understanding and changing negative thought and behavioral patterns, and learn to increase one’s confidence levels through exercises.

  • Humanistic approaches, such as person-centered therapy and Gestalt therapy, will focus on enhancing an individual's awareness of themselves and taking responsibility for their own growth and self-actualization.

  • Psychoanalytic approaches will assist individuals in identifying and resolving unconscious conflicts that may be interfering with their growth and development.

  • Integrative approaches will offer a holistic approach to personal growth, all based on inner connectivity, spirituality and change.